I spend a lot of time writing and reviewing items for 'that derry girl', and so in an effort to compensate myself for my time and efforts, I use affiliate programs and sponsorships to earn commissions for my hard work.
In an effort to disclose how I’m earning income, here are the ways I have monetized my websites:
'that derry girl' is sometimes affiliated by Shopsense, a program that pays me a small commission every time a reader clicks a link. Shopsense links can be distinguished by the URL, which reads “http://www.shopstyle.com…”.
'that derry girl' is sometimes affiliated by Skimlinks, which pays me a small commission if a reader clicks or purchases through certain links on my websites. Some of these links may look like a normal retailer website, or they may be shortened to look like “http://buyth.at….”. Sometimes Skimlinks will add an affiliate link for me, in which case, when your mouse hovers over the link, a pop-up that says “Link added by Skimwords” will appear.
Google Adsense:
'that derry girl' is affiliated by Google Adsesnse, which pays me a small commission for page impressions, and when a reader clicks an advertisement (located in the sidebar of 'that derry girl'.
Other Affiliate Programs:
Off and on, I may try affiliate programs for individual brands and/or merchants whose products I enjoy and endorse on the blog. The current affiliate programs I am associated with are:
Last Call (Neiman Marcus) – Last Call pays me a small commission of sales generated from links on 'that derry girl'. Every time a reader clicks through one of my Last Call affiliate links and make a purchase, I earn a small commission from that purchase. Last Call affiliate links can be distinguished by the URL, which reads “http://click.linksynergy.com…”, and is linked to a Last Call product or the Last Call homepage.
'that derry girl' is open to sponsorships by companies that fall in line with the mission of this blog. Sponsors receive a banner ad in exchange for payment or merchandise compensation, at my discretion. For more information about how you can sponsor 'that derry girl', contact Stefani here.
Every now and then, a company sends me a free product for review on 'that derry girl'. In this case, I will disclose within the post that the company gave me that item for review. This in no way sways my opinion of the item, and I try my best to indicate and photograph the best and worst aspects of the item. I do not accept cash payment in return for reviews.
I want to ensure you my sponsorships and/or affiliate programs in no way sway my opinions. In fact, many of my reviews for companies go completely uncompensated, and I turn down many offers by companies I do not believe to be of quality or interest to you, my readers.
If you enjoy reading 'that derry girl', please feel free to interact with the site by clicking or purchasing through links, as that is how I am compensated for my time and efforts. It is much appreciated!
Thank you for your support!

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